20:12 PM 9/27/2016
Outreach Notes
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Outreach – Guild Philanthropy
June 3 Outreach Day
We donated 95 quilts to NEHS for foster care children at our June meeting! Janet Burns was on hand to receive them. We are so proud of our members talents and generosity!

Outreach-Quilts-June-2017 Next donation date is the Christmas Party, December 2.

Coming Up
Sandy and I have been busy brainstorming. We have several ideas for our next outreach workshop! We are also looking at ways to process the fabrics we have on hand into kits for our members to assemble. We want to get better about FIFO. Fabric in, Fabric out!

We have been overwhelmed with fabric donations as of late. We would like to put a hold on general donations for a while.
  • We only need bright or child friendly fabrics at this time.
  • Please make sure all donations are 100% cotton.
  • We cannot accept bits and pieces unless they are already cut into 5" squares or 2 1/2" strips.

Recent inquiries have indicated a need to review guidelines regarding outreach quilt donations. Read the guidelines published in the September 2016 guild newsletter.

Thank you for all you do for outreach!

Outreach Coordinators: Marilynn & Sandy